Dragonfly Mercantile Co.

A Place for a Creative Journey.

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Dragonfly Mercantile Co.

A Place for a Creative Journey.

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Unleash Your Creativity

Boutique Treasures

Event-Specific Magic

Welcome to Your Creative Oasis: Unveiling Dragonfly Mercantile Co.

Explore our boutique and DIY workshop nestled in a historic 1925 building at the heart of Old Downtown Pleasant Hill. Immerse yourself in crafting unique, charming home décor, from hand-painted wooden signs to rustic delights, tailored to your style. Let us help create event-specific decorations for any occasion—holidays, birthdays, weddings, and beyond.

Step inside our treasure-filled boutique featuring home décor, jewelry, candles, soaps, and other delightful items sourced from local vendors. Indulge in vintage candy, ice cream, and more. Discover exciting activities like our Genealogy Kiosk and Historical Ghost Tours on our ‘Activities’ page.

Exciting plans await this spring with our upcoming outdoor area—an inviting space for relaxation, orders via a walk-up window, yard games, and movie nights. Join us on Facebook and Instagram for updates. At Dragonfly Mercantile Co., each visit sparks a new creative journey


What is Dragonfly Mercantile Co. known for?

Dragonfly Mercantile Co. is renowned for being a creative haven, offering hands-on classes and unique items for sale in a historic building in Old Downtown Pleasant Hill.

What types of classes are offered at Dragonfly Mercantile Co.?

We offer a variety of hands-on classes, ranging from crafting wooden signs with inspiring messages to creating rustic home décor and special occasion crafts.

Can I personalize the crafts I make in the workshops?

Absolutely! Our workshops are designed for you to unleash your artistic spirit and add your unique personality and style to each craft.

What can I find in Dragonfly Mercantile Co.'s boutique?

Our boutique features a curated collection of home décor, jewelry, candles, soaps, novelty items, and unique pieces from local vendors. We also offer vintage candy, ice cream, pop, and canned cocktails.

Is there more to explore at Dragonfly Mercantile Co.?

Absolutely! Check out our “Activities” page to discover additional offerings like our Genealogy Kiosk and Historical Ghost Tours.

What our Customers are Saying

  • Dragonfly Mercantile Co. is a creative haven! I recently attended a hands-on workshop, and the experience was not only educational but also incredibly fun. The rustic charm of the historic building adds to the warmth of the atmosphere. The boutique is a treasure trove of unique items, and I can't wait to see what the outdoor area brings this spring. Each visit is an exciting creative journey!
  • Dragonfly Mercantile Co. is a hidden gem in Old Downtown Pleasant Hill. The DIY workshops offer a unique and charming experience. The boutique is filled with treasures, from jewelry to vintage candy. The promise of an upcoming outdoor area has me eagerly anticipating the spring. It's not just a store; it's a place where creativity knows no bounds, and each visit is an adventure.
    Carol M